Khari Bulbul flower in fashion collection of national designer

Azerbaijani designer Egana Sadikhova has presented lookbook of her new collection “Khari Bulbul”, 

I decided to create a new collection featuring the beauty of flower Khari Bulbul. In the collection I used the colors of our flag, combining them with white, which represents purity and hope for a brighter future. The main goal of the project is to remind everyone that belongs to us: the flower that grows only in our native land – in Karabakh!” said designer.






Egana Sadikhova has graduated from the historical faculty of Baku State University. In 2005, she opened “Ye.S” fashion house in Baku. Her passion and professionalism does not go unnoticed. The creativity and professional manner of Azerbaijani designer are highly appreciated by top designers and true fashion lovers.

In her works, the designer shows the national-cultural values of Azerbaijan. Her latest collection – “Khari bulbul” is a proof of that.

A new fashion collection “Khari Bulbul” by national artist and designer Lala Agayeva was presented at CHELEBI Furniture and Decor company in Baku. 




Xari Bulbul

The flower Khari Bulbul, after which the collection was named, grows only in Shusha. Khari means “bee” and Bulbul means “nightingale.” If you look at the flower closely, you can easily see three petals spreading in three different directions. Two of them are like wings, and the third one in the middle is shaped like a bird’s head.

There are many legends associated with the flower. One of the stories is about the daughter of Karabakh Khan Ibragimkhalil –Aga Beyim Aga. When she married Iran’s Shah, she missed her motherland. Her husband, who loved his wife, decided to stretch Karabakh garden right there, in Iran and planted Khari Bulbul.